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// GC205013 High Purity And Low Electroosmotic Agarose for Prepare Nucleic Acid Analysis Gel
// GC305016-100g Gelatin For Immunohistochemistry IHC IHC Gelatin Sealant Glue Laboratory Reagent
// GC305015-100mg Collagenase IV Proteolytic Enzymes Are for Extracellular Matrix Proteins Digest
// GC305013-100mg Collagenase I Proteolytic Enzymes Are for Extracellular Matrix Proteins Digest
// GC305014-100mg Collagenase II Proteolytic Enzymes Are for Extracellular Matrix Proteins Digest
// GC305003 5g Trypsin 1:250 Dry Powder Derived From Porcine Pancreas
// GC205009 Lipopolysaccharides LPS Cell Culture Endotoxin
// CV-2-ET-50 Lab Cryogenic Tube PP DNase & RNase Free
// CV-2-ET-50 Lab Cryopreservation Tube 2ML Cryogenic Vial Standable
// CV-2-ET-50 Lab Supply Graduated Cryogenic Tube 2ml Centrifuge Tube
// CV-2-ET-50 2mL Cryogenic Vial With Outer Screw Cap Sterile Enzyme Free
// CV-2-ET-50 Plastic Frozen Tube Cryopreservation Tube with Cap Lab Storage Container
// PCR-9602-HS PCR Plate 96 Well 0.2ml with Half Skirt for Nucleic Acid Amplification Experiment
// PCR-9602-HS PCR Plate 96 Well 0.2ml Half Skirt High Quality PCR Reaction Plate
// PCR-9602-HS Pcr Plate 0.2ml 96 Well PCR Reaction Plate with Half Skirt for RNA Extraction
// PCR-9602-HS Pcr Plate 96 Well 0.2ml Half Skirt PCR Reaction Plate for Qpcr
// PCR-9602-HS Axygen Pcr Plate Half Skirt Pcr White Plate 0.2ml 96 Well
// PCR-9602-HS 0.2ml 96 Well Pcr Plate with Half Skirt Pcr Reaction Plate White
// TR-5000 Centrifuge Tube Rack for 50ML Tube High Quality ABS Lab Utensils
// TR-1500 Centrifuge Tube Rack for 15ML tube 18 well ABS lab ware organizer
// PET-250-T-J 250ML Clear PET Reagent Bottle for Lab Chemicals Sterile Square Bottle
// GC205013 Electrophoresis-grade Low EEO Agarose
// SPW-6S Lab Gel Electrophoresis Power Supply
// G6067 QPCR Plate Sealing Film (High Viscosity)
// G6068 qPCR plate Sealing Film (Pressure Sensitive, High Light Transmittance)
// GB11715 Anti -GABA Transporter 1 / GAT 1 Rabbit pAb
// G3342-500U Recombinant DNase I (RNase-free)
// G3405-1ML Recombinant RNase A
// G1050-50T TRAP Staining Solution For Osteoclasts Staining Kit
// SMB-H Portable Dry Bath Incubator Heating Incubator (Room temperatuere + 5 ℃-100℃)
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