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// CCP-6 6-Well Petri Dishes with Lid Tissue Culture Dish Transparent Polystyrene Sterile Plastic
// G4103-5ML Cell Counting Kit-8 CCK-8 for Cell Proliferation 5ML in Bottle
// G4009-1ML Mycoplasma Prevention Reagent 5ML 1000× For Cell Culture Mycoplasma Inhibitor
// G4008-5ML Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent (SweMyco-1+2) 5ML 100× For Cell Culture Mycoplasma Inhibitor
// G4007-10ML Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent Plus 10ML 100× For Cell Culture Mycoplasma Inhibitor
// G4006-10ML Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent 10ML 100× For Cell Culture
// G3400-1000U Alkaline Phosphatase Thermosensitive DNA Ligase for For molecular cloning
// G3350-100T DNA Ligase 2×In-Fusion Cloning Mix Molecular Biology Reagent
// G3342-200U DNase I RNase Free For Nucleic Acid Extraction Enzyme
// G3341-100 DNA Ligase 2 x Universal Ligation Mix with T4 DNA Ligase and buffer molecular biology reagent
// G3340-100 T4 DNA Ligase 5 U/μL for DNA connection molecular biology reagent
// G3022-25T pSWE-Topo Zero Cloning Kit for DNA connection molecular biology reagent
// G3021-50T T7 High Yield Transcription Kit for RNA Synthesis
// G3019-100ML RNA solid tissue RNA stable preservation solution for Nucleic acid extraction reagent
// G3004-100ML Diethylpyrocarbonate 0.1% DEPC water for RNA reaction system Sterile ultrapure water
// G3003-250ML 10×TE pH 8.0 Molecular Biology Nucleic Acid Extraction Buffer
// G1901-20T Mycoplasma Detection Kit Chemiluminescence method for Cell Culture
// G1900-50T Mycoplasma Detection Kit PCR Method for Cell Culture
// G1802-10ml PEI 40K Transfection Reagent for cell biology Transfection Reagent
// G1801-100ML Lentivirus Concentration Solution 5× Solution for Cell Biology Teaching Reagents
// G1237-10G Recombinant Proteinase K 10G Powder For Molecular Biology Cell Biology Immunohistochemistry
// G1127-1ML Hoechst 33342 Stain Reagent 1 Mg/mL Solution For Nucleus Fluorescent Staining
// TP-10P-C-F TP-10P-C-F 10µl Length &10µl Transparent Micro Pipette Filter Tips
// TP-20-C-F TP-20-C-F 20UL Dnase Rnase Free Sterile Filter Tips Pipette Tips
// TP-100-C-F TP-100-C-F Manufacturer Direct Supply 100ul Pipette Tips with CE FDA UCKA
// TP-200-C-F TP-200-C-F 200ul Pipette Tips with Filter DNase and RNase Free
// TP-1000-C-F TP-1000-C-F 1000UL Transparent Racked Pipette Tips with Filter for Dragon
// TP-10L-C-F TP-10L-C-F 10μl Lengthen Low Retention Filtered Pipette Tips
// TP-20L-C-F TP-20L-C-F 20UL Disposable Sterile Plastic Universal Low Retention Filter Pipette Tips
// TP-100L-C-F TP-100L-C-F Transparent Plastic PP Material Low Retention Pipette Tips Filtered

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