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Pipette Tips


What Is The Role Of Pipette Tips

A pipette tip is a type of chemical dropper used in laboratory experiments to measure and transport fixed volumes of chemicals.

What Are The Types Of Pipette Tips

Low Retention Tips

Can effectively avoid liquid hanging on the wall, reduce sample loss or save precious reagent. The problem of poor linearity, low response or concentration change caused by adsorption and other reasons has been effectively avoided.

Robotic Pipette Tip

Made of polymer material polypropylene (PP), and the surface is treated with a special process to have high hydrophobicity. The automatic transparent tip is carefully made for special purposes and is designed to bring more efficient efficiency and repeatability to work.

Filter Tips

Filter tips protect pipettes from the aerosols that may build up while aspirating fluids using a pipette.

Non-filter Tips

Non-filter tips are made of high molecular material polypropylene without bending.pipette tips wall is silicified, and the inner wall is smooth without wall hanging. DNase/RNase free, non-pyrogenic.

What Are Pipette Tips Used For


Precision and accuracy are crucial to any lab experiment. Therefore, it is paramount that each material or chemical in the experiment is measured as carefully and specifically as possible to get the best results. That’s where pipette tips come in.

A Professional Manufacturer Of Pipette Tips In China

Pipette tips production: high quality PP material with precision mold, integrated processing molding, Pipette tips with filter element selection of high quality PE as raw material. The pipette tips been fed into the automatic packing machine, from the assembly to filter element filling, which is fully automatic and efficient stream line operation. The operator carries out the secondary cleaning and lamp inspection of the high-pressure air gun one by one after the tip finishing packing, and then been sent into the plastic packing machine. Thickened and reinforced high-quality plastic film shall be selected. Every step of the production process is carried out in a 100,000-grade clean workshop. After the packaging is completed, irradiation sterilization shall be carried out.CE,FDA,UKCA are Certifications are aprroved.

Here Is The Pipette Tips Information You Want To Know

  • Why choose us?

    Professional manufacture of laboratory consumables and instruments with more than 10 years’ experience .We have our own R&D team. Excellent and stable quality with best cost performance.Various payment term available.Timely delivery guaranteed.

  • What is your accepted terms of payment?

    Various choice: Credit card, T/T, L/C, Western union, Paypal, Alipay. Payment term is Negotiable.
  • Are your products certified wtih CE ,FDA or ISO9001 ?

    Yes, the certificates will be provide as required.
  • Can free samples be provided?

    Yes,we will offer free samples with freight cost.
  • Are OEM or ODM service available?

    Yes,we are professional manufacturer; OEM and ODM are both accepted.

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▶ The pipette tips are made of high molecular material polypropylene without bending.
▶ They are widely used in molecular biology laboratories.
▶ Volume is from 0.1 µl to 250μl.
▶ Conductive tips are produced in 100, 000 class clean room with electronic beam sterilized. 
▶ Highly polished molds with smooth surface to avoid sample retention.
Size: 15ml
Material: Transparent polymer material polypropylene;

Application: Mainly used for sample storage, transportation, centrifugation, etc.;
Raw Material: PP (Polypropylene)
Filter Material: PE (Polyethylene)
Length: 44.7mm

Material: PP (polypropylene)

Filter material: PE (polyethylene)

Length: 51.25mm


Material: PP (polypropylene)

Filter material: PE (polyethylene)

Length: 51.25mm


Material: PP (polypropylene)

Filter material: PE (polyethylene)

Length: 51.25mm


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