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  • [Product News] How to use recombinant proteinase K?


    Recombinant proteinase K is an endolytic enzyme that can open the peptide bond at the carboxyl terminal of aliphatic, aromatic or hydrophobic amino acids. Recombinant proteinase K belongs to the serine protease family, which can hydrolyze the smallest unit as tetrapeptide. The main cleavage site of Read More

  • [Product News] How to extract recombinant proteinase K?


    Recombinant proteinase K, a broad-spectrum serine protease. Recombinant proteinase K was extracted and purified from Engyodontium album. Recombinant proteinase K was named by its function of degrading Keratin. The crystallization and molecular structure of recombinant proteinase K belongs to subtili Read More

  • [Product News] What is recombinant proteinase K?


    Recombinant proteinase K, also known as Endopeptidase K or Protease K, is a broad-spectrum serine protease that is able to digest native keratin, such as hair. Recombinant proteinase K was discovered in extracts of the fungus Engyodontium album in 1974. Recombinant proteinase K primarily cleaves the Read More

  • [Product News] What are the functions of antibody?


    Antibody is a part of the host cell's defense. Antibody is made by a certain type of white blood cell called a B cell. The structure of the antibody consists of two light chains and two heavy chains. At the very tip of the antibody is a hypervariable region, which allows the antibody to make differe Read More

  • [Product News] How do you get antibody?


    Antibody, also called immunoglobulin, a protective protein produced by the immune system in response to the presence of a foreign substance—an antigen. In order to remove antigen from the body, antibodies recognize and bind with antigens. Each antibody molecule is essentially identical to the antige Read More

  • [Product News] What is monoclonal antibody?


    Monoclonal antibodies are widely used to treat several diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and several different cancers including colorectal cancer and breast cancer. Monoclonal antibodies for cancer treatment have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administrati Read More

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