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  • [Product News] How to deal with used reagent bottles?


    How to deal with used reagent bottles?Reagent bottles are also common consumables in laboratories, mainly used for the storage of solid or liquid chemical reagents. The reagent bottle can only be used to hold and store reagents. Reagent bottles cannot be used as a heating container. We mustn’t fill Read More

  • [Product News] How to choose reagent bottles?


    How to choose reagent bottles?Reagent bottles are also known as sealed bottles. Wood lid suction glass jars and child resistant glass jar with black lid are commonly used in our life. Reagent bottles are generally used for packaging cosmetics, medicines, and other liquids. Choose the appropriate rea Read More

  • [Product News] What are reagent bottles be made of?


    What are reagent bottles be made of?Reagent bottles can be divided into glass reagent bottles and plastic reagent bottles. There is a grinding groove in the reagent bottle to keep sealed and prevent the reagent from leaking. Reagent bottles have good dielectric properties, good high-frequency insula Read More

  • [Product News] What are the functions of reagent bottles?


    What are the functions of reagent bottles?The reagent bottles, also known as media bottles, are used to store chemicals in liquid or powder form. Reagent bottles are generally made up of glass or plastic. The first reagent bottles were manufactured by Duran in 1972. The reagent bottles were primaril Read More

  • [Product News] How to seal PCR plate?


    The PCR plate is used in the PCR machine, which is the same as the microplate with the microplate reader. PCR plate is used as a solid-phase carrier for the sample to perform PCR reaction and detect by PCR machine. In fact, put it simply, a PCR plate is a combination of many PCR tubes, generally 96 Read More

  • [Product News] What is the structure of PCR reaction plate?


    PCR plates use a fast but inexpensive technique called polymerase chain reaction, which is to amplify or copy small segments of DNA. Often heralded as one of the most important scientific advances in molecular biology, PCR plates revolutionized the study of DNA to such an extent. l What is the struc Read More

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