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Toluidine Blue Staining

Cat. No. GP1052





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Toluidine Blue Staining
(Apply in stain Nissl, mast cell, and cartilage and plant tissue) 




This product is an excellent staining solution, has widely use in histological staining. The Nissl bodies in neuron show affinity to toluidine blue; some elements such as the heparin and histamine in cytoplasm of mast cells, and the chondroitine in cartilage can be specifically stained by toluidine blue and present purple-red. The Toluidine Blue solution will clearly show structure of tidal line, the injured cartilage tissue, the distribution and degranulation of mast cells, and the distribution of nissl bodies which indirectly implying the injury of neuron cells.




1.Deparaffinize and hydrate sections to distilled water.

2. Staining in toluidine blue solution.

For plant tissue slides, staining in toluidine blue solution for 2-5 min, wash in tap water. Observe by microscopy to check the staining extent. If necessary, differentiate properly according to the staining extent, wash in tap water. Dry slides in oven.

For animal tissue slides, staining in toluidine blue solution for 5 min, wash in tap water. Differentiate in 1% glacial acetic acid slightly and stop by washing in tap water. Manage the differentiate extent by microscopy observation. Dry slides in oven.

3. Clear and mount. Clear in xylene for 5 min and mount with neutral gum.

4. Microscopy detection and analysis.


1.Plant tissue: cell wall of lignified tissue is blue-green, while the fibrous tissue is purple-blue.

2.Animal tissue: the Nissl body in brain tissue is deep blue, background is light blue; for bone tissue, cartilage is purple-blue, background is light blue; for intestinal tissue, the mast cells are purple-red, nucleus and background are light blue.



1.Do not place the slides in water for a long time, or it will fade.

2.Before mount, make sure the slides are dried adequately without any residual droplet.