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Antibody Validation

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Antibody IHC Validation (Primary antibody/TMA slides and scanning provided by Servicebio)

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Antibody validation(TMA IHC)

Validation of antibodies helps you save your time and money. Experienced staffs in Servicebio have validated more than 1,000 antibodies for IF and IHC. Proper validation with controls and optimization ensure the quality of the antibodies, and build confidence of researchers. To ensure the validation is biologically relevant, we have access to more than 60 different kinds of TMA. TMA allows the researchers to investigate multiple cases of tissue in a single slide, which increases the efficiency and consistency. TMA can be used in many applications, such as IHC and IF.
With two TMA blocks containing different tissues, our service helps you verify antibodies with high throughput validation.



Our feature:

1. SOP controlled workflow with regular quality assurance audits.

2. Fast turn around time and competitive price.

3. Flexibility using our in-house developed protocols or customer designed protocols and model system.

4. Provide digital scanning image of slides which can be observed on computer.