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Trypsin-EDTA Digestion Solution ,0.25% (with phenol red)

Cat. No. G4001-100ML





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Trypsin-EDTA Digestion Solution (Trypsin-EDTA Solution) contains 0.25% trypsin and 0.02% EDTA, dissolved in calcium-magnesium-free balanced salt solution, filtered and sterilized, and can be directly used for digestion of cultured cells and tissues.
Product Features:
1. In the in vitro culture of tissue cells and the dispersion of tissue cells in primary cell culture (preparing the tissue block into a single cell suspension) and the passage of cell culture, the digestion and dispersion of adherent growth cells all use tissue cell digestion solution.
2.Commonly used digestion solutions are trypsin, EDTA, etc., whose function is mainly to hydrolyze proteins between cells (such as extracellular matrix), so that tissues or adherent cells are dispersed into single cells, and cell suspensions are made for further experiments.
Storage Condition:
Stored at -20℃