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PBS 10×,Phosphate-buffered Saline Liquid, 500ML

Cat. No. G4207-500ML





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10x PBS Phosphate-Buffered Saline is PBS with a concentration of 10 times. Before use, 100 mL of the product was taken and mixed evenly with 900 mL pure water to obtain a 1×PBS solution containing 0.01M phosphate with a pH 7.0-7.4.
Product Features:
1. 10x Phosphate buffered saline (PBS) is a kind of balanced saline solution widely used in biological and biochemical studies.
2. The PBS has been sterilized by using 0.1μm filtration membrane, therefore, it can be used directly.
3. PBS buffer is often used for washing tissue blocks, rinsing cells, preparing other reagents, and as a diluent for cell counting.
4. This PBS does not contain calcium magnesium ion and phenol red.
Storage Condition:
Stored at room temperature(2-30℃)
1. Used in cell culture; such as washing cells prior to dissociation, transporting tissue and cell samples, diluting cells for counting.
2. Used in protein chemistry, such as protein microarray hybridization and washing, Western-Blot, diluting protein samples.
3. Used in preparing reagents.
4. Our PBS formulation does not contain calcium and magnesium, divalent ions that stimulate cell aggregation.
5. Only used for scientific research, not for diagnosis and treatment.