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Normal goat serum

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Normal goat serum (concentrated)

Cat. No. WGAR1009-5


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Products introduction:
Normal goat serum working fluid is the most commonly used blocking reagent in IHC experiments of goat anti-rabbit/rat detection system. Sealing with normal goat serum can saturate the physical adsorption sites of the protein substances in the tissue sections ahead of time, thus greatly reducing the non-specific adsorption of the tissue to the detected antibodies. This blocking solution adoptes high quality normal goat serum as raw material and adds stabilizer, which can effectively block the site of non-specific binding with antibody on the tissue, thus reducing the non-specific staining of IHC experiment and significantly reducing the background.

Packing details:

Cat. No. Product name Specification
G1208 Normal goat serum (concentrated) 5ml
Storage condition:
Stored under the temperature of -20℃, validity for 24 months, repeated freezing and thawing shall be avoided.
Operation instruction:
Dilution method: Dilute with PBS by 10-20 times.
Immunohistochemical blocking step: Add the diluted serum to cover the tissue evenly and incubate for 5-10 minutes at room temperature. Remove the serum, do not wash, add the appropriate proportion of diluted primary antibody or primary antibody working solution, 37℃ or room temperature incubation 4℃ overnight
1.The serum should be dissolved completely and mixed well for use, and stored at 4℃ for short-term use.
2.Working fluid should be used immediately after preparation.
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