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G4531-500ML Glutamax-I Culture Medium Microbiology for Suspension Cell

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Specifiction: 500ml/Bottle
Main Ingredients: D-Glucose, L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine
Application Type: Normal Cells & Cancer Cells
  • G4531-500ML
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RPMI in RPMI-1640 is the abbreviation of Roswell Park Memorial Institute, which stands for Roswell Park Memorial Institute. RPMI-1640 is a cell culture medium developed by the institute. It was originally designed specifically for lymphocyte culture, and has been widely used in the culture of various normal cells and cancer cells, especially the culture of suspension cells, and is one of the most widely used culture media.

This product contains amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts and other components needed for multi-type cell culture, without protein or growth factor. 5-10% serum or serum free additives should be added according to the cell type.

This product is sterilized by filtration through a 0.1 μm filter membrane, pH 7.0-7.4, containing 11.1 mM D-glucose, adding 2.05 mM GlutaMAX-I, containing chemical red indicator, free of sodium BT, and free of HEPES buffer system.

GlutaMAX-I, or L-alanyl-L-glutamine, is a cell culture additive that can replace equimolar L-glutamine in cell culture media. The substance is very stable in aqueous solution and will not degrade spontaneously. Instead, it is slowly degraded by a peptidase secreted by cells to release glutamine, which is then absorbed and utilized by cells.

Cat.No./Ingredients Sodium Bicarbonate/mM D-glucose/mM L-Glutamine/mM Alanyl-
G4530-500ML 23.8 11.1 2.05 - - - + +
G4531-500ML 23.8 11.1 - 2.05 - - + +
G4532-500ML 23.8 11.1 - 2.05 - 10 + +
G4533-500ML 23.8 11.1 2.05 - - 10 + +

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