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G4552-500ML 500ml Minimum Essential Media with Hepes for Adherent Cell

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Main Ingredients: D-Glucose, L-Glutamine, Hepes, Phenol Red
Application Type: Normal Cells & Cancer Cells
Package: 500ml/Bottle, 25bottles/Carton
  • G4552-500ML
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MEM medium (Minimum Essential Medium), that is, the minimum essential medium, also known as the minimum essential medium and the low-quantity Eagle medium, is one of the most commonly used basic mediums in animal cell culture. MEM medium contains only 12 essential amino acids, 8 vitamins and basic inorganic salts. It has simple nutrients and is mainly used for the cultivation of adherent cells. After formula revision, it can also be used for other types of cell culture.

MEM contains NEAA (non-essential amino acid) medium, which is based on MEM with 7 kinds of NEAA, including L-alanine, L-glutamic acid, L-asparagine, L-aspartic acid, L -Proline, L-serine and glycine can reduce the side effects of the cell's own synthesis of non-essential amino acids during cell culture, and effectively promote cell proliferation and metabolism.

This product contains amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts and other ingredients required for cell culture, and does not contain protein or growth factors. Serum or serum-free additives must be added according to the cell type.

This product is sterilized through a 0.1 μm filter membrane, pH 7.0-7.4, containing 5.5 mM D-glucose, adding 2.0 mM L-glutamine, containing chemical red indicator, not containing sodium BT, containing 25 mM HEPES buffer system . Contains no non-essential amino acids (NEAA).

HEPES is a commonly used biological buffer, which can keep the culture medium in a constant pH range for a long time and effectively prevent large fluctuations in the pH of the culture fluid from adversely affecting cell growth.

Cat.No./Ingredients Sodium Bicarbonate/mM D-glucose/mM L-Glutamine/mM Alanyl-
G4550-500ML 26.19 5.56 - - - - + +
G4551-500ML 26.19 5.56 2.0 - - 25 + +
G4552-500ML 26.19 5.56 2.0 - - 25 - +
G4553-500ML 26.19 5.56 - - - - - +

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