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LB Solid Medium Dry Powder Broth Agar Medium Premixed Powder

  • G3101-100ML
  • Servicebio


Cat. No. Products Description Specification
G3101-100ML LB solid medium (dry powder) Dissolved in 100ml
LB solid medium: the medium temperature should not be too high when inverted, otherwise condensed water shall be caused on the plate after cooling.
LB (Luria-Bertani) solid medium
It shall be added into 100ml ddH2O, the components are as follows
Tryptone 1%;
Yesat extract 0.5%;
NaCl 1%;
Agar powder 2%;
Adjust pH to 7.0 and constant volume to 100mL with 1M NaOH
High-pressure sterilization shall be carried out at 121℃ for 20min; Inverting the plate when the temperature cooled to 50-60℃.
The temperature of the medium should not be too high, otherwise a lot of condensed water will be generated after the plate is cooled.

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