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SDS-PAGE Gel Preparation Kit for Western Blot Electrophoresis Experiment

  • G2003-50T
  • Servicebio


Product Introduction:
This SDS-PAGE gel preparation kit contains all the reagents for gel preparation. Customers only need to prepare a small amount of pure water and prepare the required gel according to the instructions. This kit can prepare more than 50 pieces of gel.
Store at 4°C in the dark. The entire kit is valid for 12 months.
1. All reagents need to be warmed to room temperature before usage.
2. Tricine gel is recommended for protein separation which is less than 10kDa. Acrylamide gel may not be sufficient for separation.
3. Temperature will affect the solidification time of the gel. Generally, the lower the temperature, the longer the solidification time.
4. The gel needs sufficient solidification time, it is recommended to leave it for 1 hour after the gel is prepared..
5. When the room temperature is low, SDS will freeze. It can be reconstituted by heating at 37°C.

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