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WB Electrophoresis Tank

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WB Electrophoresis Tank (Vertical)

Cat. No. BV-2





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Suitable for vertical electrophoresis of protein and nucleic acid.

Technical Parameters:

Model BV-2
Dimension(L*W*H) 140×100×150mm
Spec of Gel Plate 83X75mm
N.W 1.35kg
G.W 1.8kg


1. High transparency polycarbonate injection molding tank, durable & easy observation.

2. Polycarbonate injection molding machine, real in-situ glue production function.

3. Good sealing, avoid buffer leakage and bubble infiltration of the glass plate.

4. The bottom surface of the gel is flush with the glass plate, avoid the formation of bubbles.

5. Simple structure, simple operation, meet the needs of different thickness of gel.

6. The integrated design of glue making and electrophoresis ensures high safety.

7. The electrode head can be replaced for convenient maintenance.


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