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BT-2 WB Test Transfer Electrophoresis Tank Set

Set: Transfer tank body, case, power cord, transfer holder, transfer sponge, ice box
Sample QTY: Runs up to 10 or 15 samples
Power Supply: VAC110-240, 50/60Hz,20W
Application:Transfer protein to solid support (NC membrane, PVDF membrane, etc.)
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1. Double plate, used with electrophoresis apparatus.

2. High transparency polycarbonate injection molding.

3. Clear reminder for positive and negative poles, ensure correct placement.

4. High transfer efficiency.

Technical Parameters&Usage
Model BT-2
Power Supply VAC110-240, 50/60Hz,20W
Sample QTY Runs up to 10 or 15 samples
Comb thickness 1.0 and 1.5 (mm) ( standard configuration), 
0.75 (mm) (optional configuration) ;
SPEC Of Transfer Plate 95×87mm
Full buffer volume About 400ml and basic running buffer volume:
About 170 ml;
Standard Configuration 0.75 mm
Package Dimension(mm): 318*255*215
N.W  1.05kg
G.W. 1.5kg


1. Prepare 6 sheets of 7*9cm thin-film filter paper or 2 sheets of thick filter paper of the same specification, and 1 sheet of 7*9cm PVDF membrane (0.45um membrane for target protein larger than 20kDa, 0.2um membrane for target protein smaller than 20kDa). Activate the PVDF membrane with methanol for 2min before use;

2. According to the order of "positive (+) sponge filter paper membrane glue filter paper sponge negative (-)", place the improved printing material in the transfer clip to remove bubbles. The red side is positive and the black side is negative. According to the red to red, black to black direction, the transfer clip into the transfer core. 2 transfer clips can be placed in the transfer core at the same time;

3. Connect the power supply, set the transfer parameters :300mA, constant current for 30min, and start the film transfer.

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