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MS-150 Steady Speed Change Magnetic Stirrer

Voltage: 110~240 VAC
Rotating speed: 0~2200RPM (adjustable)
Stirrer (L*Dim): 30mm*7mm
Application: The Magnetic Stirrer is laboratory instrument for liquid mixing, mainly used for mixing or simultaneous heating of low viscosity viscous liquid or solid-liquid mixture.
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Magnetic stirrer is used for liquid mixing instrument, mainly used for liquid reagents configuration, stirring liquid or solid-liquid mixture with low viscosity; MS-150 magnetic agitator has a large stirring volume, stable rotor rotation, no jump; The whole shell is made of flame retardant reinforced plastic molding, fully closed waterproof and rust proof.

Product Features
1. Wide voltage input 110-240V(VAC), high voltage adaptability, energy saving and durable.

2. Rotating speed: 0~2200rpm

3. Maximum volume: 6L

4. Microprocessor feedback control technology ensures the accuracy of rotating speed.

5. Fully enclosed flame retardant plastic enclosure.

6. Plastic tray can be anti-splash water and anti-rust.

7. Power: 6.6W

Technical Parameters

Model MS-150
Maximum volume: 6L
Power 6.6W
Voltage input 110~240 VAC
Rotating speed 0~2200RPM (adjustable)
Dimension(L*W*H): 235mm*190mm*105mm
Stirrer (L*Dim) 30mm*7mm
Surface Material Flame retardant plastic
Color Gray
N.W 0.8kg
G.W 0.9kg
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