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Servicebio lab instruments products including  Mini centrifuge,vortex mixer,magnetic stirrer ,Orbital Shaker and WB Electrophoresis. Tank.The above are desktop small instruments with small volume, easy to carry and move, and safe operation which can meet the needs of different laboratory experiments.KZ-5F-3D freezing grinding instrument is suitable for grinding and crushing all kinds of plant tissues,animal tissues,cell and microorganisms etc. 

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// SVL-2 Integrated Horizontal Electrophoresis System Electrophoresis Tank SVL-2
// Lab Gel Electrophoresis Power Supply SPW-6S
// Portable Dry Bath Incubator Heating Incubator (Room temperatuere + 5 ℃-100℃) SMB-H
// Lab Dry Bath Incubator Heater Block Heating Incubator (0℃-100℃) SMB-C
// Programmable Dry Bath Incubator Cooling Digital Heating Incubator (0 ℃-100℃) SMB-PC
// Western Bot Protein Electrophoresis Tenk Lab Apparatus Vertical Electrophoresis Tank SVE-2
// Western Bot Protein Electrophoresis Tank Lab Apparatus Transfer Electrophoresis Tank SVT-2
// Automatic Film Sealer Adhesive PCR Plate Sealer lab sealing Machine (Portable) FS-E30
// Automatic Film Sealer For Lab PCR Plate Microplate Sealing Machine with Touch Screen (Smart) FS-A20
// LCD Digital Orbital Shaker with Timer sample Mixing Machine Lab shakers DS-2S100
// Digital Shaker 200rpm Orbital Shaker for Lab Shakers Wide Voltage DS-2H200
// Mini Centrifuge Servicebio Biotechnology Portable Centrifuge MC-700
// Laboratory Decolorization Shaker 3D Composite Orbital Shaker with LED Display DS-3D100
// Lab Instruments Liquid Mixing Machine Vortex Mixer machine Servicebio MV-100
// Laboratory Instrument liquid mixer Magnetic Stirrer Servicebio MS-150
// Pendulum bio shaker Servicebio high speed orbital shaker Laboratory Instrument DS-S 100
// Horizontal Shaker for orbital shaking Servicebio biomedical lab mixer machine DS-H 200
// Servicebio Vertical Electrophoresis Tank for Western Blot Gel Running SVE-2
// KZ-5F-3D High Efficient 3D Frozen Grinding Machine Tissue Homogenizer KZ-5F-3D
// KZ-III High Speed Tissue Homogenizer Grinding Machine KZ-III
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