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Lab Consumables

In order to constantly improve the service and develop products, we have set up two independent R&D centers of plastic injection production with 45 injection molding machines,  undertaing the business of pipette tips, centrifuge tube,PCR plate, deep well plate, magnetic tip combs ,cell culture bottle, cell culture flask, and related lab consumables. From product design and mold development, the annual output of all kinds of biological lab consumables are more than 5000 tons.We have independent production, fully enclosed dust-free workshop, sealed raw material transportation line, air shower for blowing and dusting, high speed injection molding machine, automatic packing machine, plastic packaging machine, bottle blowing machine.The consumables produced by Servicebio will not use additives or dyes; the high transparency and purity of lab consumables shall be guaranteed at best.

Image Model Product Name Details Inquiry
// G1052-P Flat glass plate for Biorad Electrophoresis Glass Protein Electrophoresis Glass
// TP-20-F TP-20-F Lab Transparent 20μL Pipette Tips with Filter supplier in Bulk
// TP-200-F TP-200-F 200μL Wholesale Factory Direct Bagged Filtered Gilson Rainin Pipette Tips with Filter in Bulk
// TP-10-F 10μL Pipette Tips, 10μl Universal Micro Filter Tips in Bags for Laboratory Test (Dnase & Rnase Free, Sterilized)
// TP-1000-F 1000μL Pipette Tips, 1000μl Universal Micro Filter Tips in Bags for Laboratory Test (Dnase & Rnase Free, Sterilized)
// TP-200-C-F TP-200-C-F 200μL Disposable Sterile Filter Pipette Tips DNase And RNase Free
// TP-10-C-F TP-10-C-F Laboratory Consumables universal Rainin gilson eppendorf 10μL pipette filter tips
// WG575 Polypropylene Pipette Tips Box 10μL 20ul 100μL 200μL 1000μL
// WG578 WG578 Polypropylene Extended Length 1ml Pipette Tips Box
// TP-20-C-F TP-20-C-F 20μL Medical Dnase Rnase Free Sterile Filter Tips Pipette Tips
// TP-100-F TP-100-F Bulk Package 100μL Dnase Rnase Free Lab Supplies Pipette Tips
// TP-100-C-F TP-100-C-F 100μL Lab Transparent Eppendorf Racked Pipette Tips with Filter tips
// TP-200-C 200μL Laboratory Liquid Distributor Precise Use PP Pipette Tip without filter in Rack
// TP-10-J TP-10-J Disposable DNase RNase Free 10ul Micro Pipette Tips in Bulk For Lab With CE FDA
// TP-10-C TP-10-C Micro Pipettes Sterilized by Radiation Non-filter Pipette Tips 10μL
// TP-1000-C TP-1000-C 1000μL Sterile Non-Filter Pipette Tips for Eppendorf sterile DNase & RNase free
// TP-200-J TP-200-J Bulk Sale Sterile 200ul Micro Pipette Tips in Bag wholesale
// TP-1000-J TP-1000-J in Bulk DNase RNase Free 1000ul Non-filter Pipette Tips Bagged 1000ul Pipette Tips
// TP-1000-C-F TP-1000-C-F 1000μL Lab Transparent Racked Pipette Tips with Filter sterile tips for lab
// TP-10P-C-F TP-10P-C-F 10μL Length &10µl Transparent Micro Pipette Filter Tips
// MTP-250L-C-F Robotic Low-Retention Filter Pipette Tips 250μL Robotic Filter Tips for Laboratory Test (Dnase & Rnase Free, Sterilized)
// TP-100L-C-F TP-100L-C-F Eppendorf Rainin 100μL Biomedical Low Retention Conductive Pipette Tips Rack
// TP-10L-C-F 10μL Lengthen Low Retention Pipette Tips 10μL Long Universal Micro Filter Tips in Bags for Molecular Biology Laboratories
// TP-200L-C-F TP-200L-C-F Low Retention Black Rack Boxed 200μL Pipette Micro Filter Tips
// TP-20L-C-F TP-20L-C-F Gilson Medical Consumables Disposable 20μL Low Retention PP Pipette Tips
// TP-1000L-C-F TP-1000L-C-F Low Retention Micro Tips 1000ul Filtered Pipette Tips DNase RNase Free
// TP-1250L-F TP-1250L-F 1250μL Bulk Sale Low Retention DNA RNA Free Pipette Filter Tips
// TP-1000L-C TP-1000L-C Lab Disposable 1000μL Racked Low Retention Sterilized Pipette Tips Manufactory
// TP-10-C TP-10-C Transparent PP Material 10μL Pipette Tips in Rack
// TP-200-C TP-200-C 200μL Pipette Tips without Filter for Gilson

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