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Incubation Box 9 Grids Transparent For Antibody Incubation Acrylic Box for WB

  • G6019-9
  • Servicebio


Product Size:

Outside the box (whole): 368*105*30mm

Inside the box (single grid, No. 1-6): 90*20*22mm

Inside the box (single grid, No. 7-8): 90*30*22mm

Inside the box (No. 9): 90*55*22mm

2. Capacity: 9 cells;

3. Color: transparent.

Saiweier antibody incubation box is specially designed for WB. It is made of acrylic material for one-time molding, the lid is separated, and each grid is individually marked with a number. It is transparent and visible, good sealing, and ultra-low adsorption. The flow tank design is closer to the experimental requirements and saves antibodies.

Used with the Seville Bio-clock Pendulum Shaker DS-S100, at least 1mL of antibody is required, which greatly saves the amount of antibody. Different antibodies can be incubated at the same time, which greatly improves the efficiency of the experiment.

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