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Embedding Bottom Mold For Paraffin Embedding of Pathological Section Samples

  • WGG6023-1
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Servicebio's embedding bottom molds are used for paraffin embedding to fix the direction of tissue. There are various specifications. The selection of a suitable embedding bottom molds is expected by pathologists, this product can meet various needs, improve efficiency.

Model Material Size

Stainless steel
(polishing treatment)
WGG6023-2 15mm*15mm
WGK2424 24mm*24mm
WGK2430 24mm*30mm
WGK2437 24mm*37mm
1. Well leak proof, non-overflow wax.
2. Anti-ironing hand.
3. Superior thermal conductivity.
4. Highly polished surface for easy paraffin block removal and cleaning.
5. Concave Round Corner of mold will not cause Convex when paraffin is overfilled.
6. Highly polishing surface for easy paraffin block removal and cleaning.

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