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Electrophoresis Glass Plate

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1mm concave glass plate (Suitable for Biorad)

Cat. No. G6052-1


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1mm&1.5mm 100.5mm*82.5mm 5pcs/box

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Cat. No. Products Description Specification
G6052-1.0 1mm Concave glass plate 100.5mm*82.5mm 5pcs/box
G6052-1.5 1.5mm Concave glass plate 100.5mm*82.5mm 5pcs/box

The concave glass, thickness of 1mm, used for glue making, which is suitable for Biorad electrophoresis tank.
Can be compatible with Biorad 24DN vertical electrophoresis tank.
The original glass shall be cut, polished, glued, slotted and polished, with the characteristics of CNC precision, standard specification, no degummed and well fit.
In addition, any type of glass slides can be customized and processed.
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