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Pipette tip

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200ul Pipette tip (enzyme free)/bulk

Cat. No. TP-200-EM





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Pipette tip(enzyme free)

1. The pipette tip is made of polymer polypropylene to transport a measured volume of liquid, often as a media dispenser.

2. Volume is between about 0.1 ul to 200 ul.

3. Fit for Eppendorf, Thermo pipettor.

4. High temperature resistance to 120 ℃.

5. The pipe wall is silicified, and the inner wall is smooth without wall hanging.


Category Model Spec
10ul Pipette tip (enzyme free)/bulk TP-10-EM 1000/bag
200ul Pipette tip (enzyme free)/bulk TP-200-EM 1000/bag
1000ul Pipette tip (enzyme free)/bulk TP-1250-EM 500/bag
10ul Pipette tip (enzyme free &sterilization)/box G82010 96/box
200ul Pipette tip(enzyme free &sterilization)/box G82200 96/box
1000ul Pipette tip(enzyme free&sterilization)/box G82300 96/box
10ul Pipette tip(enzyme free &sterilization) TP-10-J 1000/bag
200ul Pipette tip (enzyme free &sterilization) TP-200-J 1000/bag
1000ul Pipette tip (enzyme free &sterilization) TP-1250-J 500/bag


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