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Cell Culture Bottle

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Cell Culture Bottle

Cat. No. TMSJP-500-J


Price:Sterile: 0.85/pc



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1. Integral design, can be used for manual or automatic perfusion system
2. Corkscrew cover with thick stripe, easy to screw in and out
3. The capacity scale of screen printing makes the operation more accurate
4. No DNase, RNase or pyrogen
Cell culture transfer bottle is a kind of good quality consumable material which can meet the requirements of mass production of cells and tissues in both experiment and industrial production. Cell culture bottle is strong and durable, it is airtight can provide the environment to culture cell and others.

Volume 125ml 500ml
Dimension(L*Dim) 105*70mm 170*100mm
Package Bag
Material Plastic
Function Cell Culture/ Mixing and storing samples
Color Transparent
Sealing Method Screw cap, screw home

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