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What is PCR reaction plate?

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PCR reaction plate is a versatile polypropylene PCR plate designed for use with 96-well thermal blocks. The PCR reaction plate contains three identical 32-well plate segments connected by dual side tabs for smaller experiments. The PCR reaction plate offers the same thin-walled construction as others, allowing for excellent heat transfer from thermal block to sample.


What are the features of PCR reaction plate?

What are the functions of PCR plate?

What are the materials of PCR reaction plate?


What are the features of PCR reaction plate?

• Versatile format of PCR reaction plate works with standard 96-well and 3x32-well thermal blocks.

• PCR reaction plate can reduce waste from smaller experiments with individual 32-well plates.

• PCR reaction plate is easy to handle and label with semi-skirted side tabs.

• Alphanumeric labeling is marked on each side of PCR reaction plate segment for easy well identification.

• PCR reaction plate is certified free of DNA, RNase, and PCR inhibitors.

• PCR reaction plate is frosted to minimize interfering fluorescence from wells of cycling block.

• Unique design of PCR reaction plate provides barrier to ambient air to help ensure well-to-well temperature uniformity.

• PCR reaction plate is an integral component of PCR system.

• PCR reaction plate can be used in maximum thermal conductivity for precise thermal cycling.

• PCR reaction plate includes unique serialized label that is user- and machine-readable to prevent tracking errors.

• PCR reaction plate increase thermal contact for faster, more uniform heating.


What are the functions of PCR reaction plates?

In Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), PCR reaction plate is mainly used as a carrier for primers, Taq DNA polymerase, dNTP, template nucleic acid, Mg, buffer to serve as a participant in the amplification reaction.

The PCR reaction plate is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as gene expression, genotyping, sequencing or pathogen detection. PCR reaction plate has been developed for PCR testing with different labware types. The outstanding deck capacity of PCR reaction plate positions compared to the small system footprint is unique in this category. The most common PCR reaction plates are 32-well and 96-well PCR reaction plates to serves a broad range of needs and throughputs from simple to highly complex PCR testing.

PCR reaction plate allows fast assay setup, higher throughput and decreased processing times. PCR reaction plate simplifies complex setups with up to 7 PCR components, including multiplexing function and free plate design


What are the materials of PCR reaction plate?

One of the materials of PCR reaction plate is mainly polypropylene (PP), which can better adapt to repeated high and low temperature settings in the PCR reaction process. PP PCR reaction plate can achieve high temperature and high pressure sterilization. In order to achieve high-throughput operation in conjunction with a PCR machine, PCR reaction plates are commonly used. The shape of PCR reaction plate conforms to the SBS international standard. In order to adapt to the PCR machines of different manufacturers, PCR reaction plate can be divided into four design modes, that are, no skirt, half skirt, raised skirt and full skirt.

Although PP PCR reaction plate can observe the sample intuitively, it is relatively easy to deform with poor corrosion resistance to organic solvents, causing short lifespan.

Polycarbonate PCR reaction plate has good transparency, high hardness, high temperature sterilization, but is not resistant to strong acids, alkalis and some organic solvents.

Polyethylene PCR reaction plate is opaque. It is relatively stable.

Polyamide PCR reaction plate is a polymer of PP and PE material, which is translucent, chemically stable, but not resistant to high temperature.


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