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// G2019-250ML Developing And Fixing Kit for Western Northern Southern Slot Experiment
// PW-600 PW-600 Electrophoresis Power for Western Hybridization
// G2054-500ML G2054-500ML 500ml 1 M Tris-HCl pH 6.8 for Concentration Gel Configuration
// G2049-500UL G2049-500UL 500ul Polyacrylamide Gel Page Top Gel Blue Dye
// G2048-500UL G2048-500UL 500ul Polyacrylamide Gel Page Top Gel Yellow Dye
// G2047-500UL G2047-500UL 500ul Polyacrylamide Gel Page Top Gel Green Dye
// G6052-1.0T G6052-1.0T 1mm Glass Plate Set for Biorad Electrophoresis Tank
// G2058-250UL G2058-250UL 250ul Prestained Protein Marker II 10-200 kDa
// G3411-2000U G3411-2000U Recombinant SUMO Protease with Ulp1 His-tag
// G3410-1000U G3410-1000U Recombinant HRV 3C Protease with His-tag
// G3409-5000U G3409-5000U Recombinant TEV Protease His-tag
// G2021-250ML G2021-250ML Coomassie Bright Blue Dye R250
// G2016-100ML G2016-100ML Primary And Secondary Antibody Eluent
// G2014-50ML G2014-50ML 2*50ml ECL Chemiluminescence Kit for Protein Detection
// G1214-100ul Goat anti-mouse secondary antibody For IHC Western blot
// G0004-500ML 500ml Tbst Buffer Tbs Buffer with Tween-20 for Western Blot
// G2009-100ML G2009-100ML 100ml Western Secondary Antibody Dilution Buffer
// G6052-1.5T G6052-1.5T 1.5mm Glass Plate Set for Biorad Electrophoresis Tank
// G6052-0.75T G6052-0.75T Glass Plate Set for Biorad Electrophoresis Tank
// G6052-0.75 G6052-0.75 0.75mm Concave Glass Plate for Biorad Electrophoresis Tank
// G2056-100ML G2056-100ML 100ml TEMED for Polymerization of Polyacrylamide Gel
// G2055-100ML G2055-100ML 100ml 10% SDS Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Solution
// G2053-500ML G2053-500ML 500ml 1.5 M Tris-HCl pH 8.8 for Separation Gel Configuration
// G2050-500ML G2050-500ML 500ml BTT Electrophoresis Buffer 25x to Stabilize pH the System
// G2046-500UL G2046-500UL 500ul Polyacrylamide Gel Page Top Gel Red Dye
// G2038-100ML G2038-100ML 100ml IP Lysis Buffer for Immunol Precipitation
// G2013-100ML G2013-100ML 100ml Reduced 5*Protein Loading Buffer
// G2008-1ML G2008-1ML 1ml PMSF Phenylmethanesulfonyl Fluoride Protease Inhibitor
// G2007-1ML G2007-1ML 2*1ml Phosphatase Inhibitor for Phosphorylated Protein
// G2006-250UL G2006-250UL 250ul 50*Cocktail Protease Inhibitor for Proteinic Integrity

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