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Image Model Product Name Details Inquiry
// G6002-15 G6002-15 Western Blot Protein Transfer Sponge 15pcs
// G6007-50 G6007-50 Transfer Membrane Filter Paper (thin) 50pcs
// G6025-2 Antibody Incubation Box 2 Grids Western Blot Acrylic Material with Number Marking
// G6020 Incubation box(9 grids, lightproof)
// G6026-4 Antibody Incubation Box 4 Grids For Western Blot Transparent Acrylic Box Lab Glassware
// G6026 Incubation Box (4 grids)
// G6025 Incubation box for lab 2 grids
// G6026 Antibody Incubation Box (4 Grids) for lab
// G6019-9 Incubation Box 9 Grids Transparent For Antibody Incubation Acrylic Box for WB
// G6019 Incubation box(9 grids, transparent)
// G6020-9 Antibody Incubation Box 9 Grids Lightproof for Western Blot Acrylic Material
// G6052-1.5 1.5mm concave glass plate (Suitable for Biorad
// G6052-1 1mm Concave Glass Plate for Biorad Electrophoresis Glass Plate
// G6052-P Flat Glass Plate Suitable for Biorad
// G2024-250ML Western Blot Fix Resolution 250ML Biochemistry Reagent
// G2023-250ML Biological Developer Kit for Western Northern Southern Slot Experiment
// G2062-50T 10% SDS-Page Color Gel Ultra-Fast Preparation Kit Green
// G2033-30ML Ripa Lysis Buffer Solution for Biochemistry Laboratory Supplies
// G2033-100ML Ripa Lysis Buffer Solution Weak Biochemistry Reagent
// G2076-1ml 2 X SDS-Page Protein Loading Buffer (odorless, reduced type) 1ml
// Protein Marker 10 to 180kda Page Ruler Protein Ladder
// G2031 2x Protein Loading buffer Reducing Solution
// G2032 2x Protein Loading buffer(Non-Reducing)
// G2064-50T 15% SDS-Page Colored Green Gel Ultra-Fast Preparation Kit
// G2041-50T 6% SDS-PAGE Colored (red) Gel Ultra-fast Preparation Kit G2041-50T
// G2042-50T 8% SDS-PAGE Colored (red) Gel Ultra-fast Preparation Kit G2042-50T
// G2061-50T Servicebio Electrophoresis Gel Ultra-Fast Preparation Kit 8% SDS-Page Color Green
// G2043-50T 10% SDS-PAGE Colored (red) Gel Ultra-fast Preparation Kit G2043-50T
// G2003-50T SDS-PAGE Gel Preparation Kit Reagent
// G2044-50T 12% SDS-PAGE colored (red) gel ultra-fast preparation kit G2044-50T

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