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TP-1000L-C-F 1000UL Long Low Retention Micro Pipette Tips

Tips Material: PP (Polypropylene)
Filter material: PE (Polyethylene)
Tips length: 100.15 mm
  • TP-1000L-C-F
  • Servicebio

Product Description


Imported PP material is adopted for the low retention pipette tips, which guarantees excellent workmanship without bending; The inner wall is smooth after specil treatment, which can effectively avoid liquid hanging on the wall, reduce sample loss or save precious reagent. The problem of poor linearity, low response or concentration change caused by adsorption and other reasons has been effectively avoided. Servicebio low retention pipette tips have the following features during experiment: reduce sample residue → improve accuracy and precision → improve sample recovery! (Note: Low retention pipette tips are particularly important in protein and nucleic acid research!)

Product Features

Absorption treatment: low retention treatment
Sterilization manner: Irradiation sterilization
Compatible brand: Eppendorf, Thermo, Brand, Gilson, Rainin (Made in China) and Dragon, etc.
Certification: CE, FDA and UKCA
Other information: Sterilize, DNase & RNase free, Non-pyrogen (Endotoxin free)
Lot number: see outside packing carton


When using the single-channel pipette, insert the end of the pipette into the pipette tips vertically, press it gently and rotate it slightly to tighten it.

1. The low retention pipette tips cannot be autoclaved; while the box of pipette tips

2. can be used repeatly after autocling.

3. The products are compatibile with mult-channel pipette.

4. Please wear lab coat and disposable hand gloves during operation.

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