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Special Fixative for Immunoelectron Microscopy

  • G1124-100ML

Product Description

Product introduction:
The ultrastructure of tissue cells can be observed by TEM. The IHC technique is to detect the distribution of antigen (antibody) in tissue with labeled specific antibody (or antigen) and then observe it by ordinary light microscope. According to the principle of highly specific binding of antigen and antibody, the location of some antigenic substances is detected by high electron density markers (such as gold, ferritin, etc.) from the ultrastructural level. In other words, the IEM is the result of IHC detection of ultrastructural level under transmission electron microscope, which is an extension of immunoscope. One of the most important problems in IEM is the choice of fixative solution, which requires not only to maintain the antigenicity of tissue components, but also to preserve the ultrastructure of cells.
This product is specially used for the fixation of tissue samples in the early stage of immune electron microscope, which can preserve the ultrastructure and antigen of tissue. The main active components of the product are formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde.

Package Contents:

Cat. No. Product description Volume
G1124 Special fixative solution for IEM 100 mL

Storage condition:
Stored at 4ºC by ice bag(wet ice), avoid direct sunlight, valid for 24 months.

For tissue samples, the special immobilized medium of immune electron microscope was installed in petri dish in advance. Quickly use sharp blade to cut the target tissue and immerse in the fixed liquid immediately. Continue cutting into 1mm³ scalpel in the fixing fluid. Then the cut woven block is transferred to the EP tube with fresh fixing solution and continued to be fixed 4ºC without light, and the fixed sample 4ºC is stored and transported. To adherent cells: the cultured cells discard the culture medium and add 37ºC preheated immune electron microscope fixed solution to 37ºC for 30 min. without light Carefully scrape the cells with cell scraping, collect the cell precipitation at low speed centrifuge, and then strengthen the fixed liquid immersion cell precipitation 4ºC preservation and transportation. If there is no requirement for cell morphology, the cultured cells can be digested with trypsin into cell suspension and followed by suspension cell fixative.
 For suspended cells: cultured cells were centrifuged at low speed and discarded. The 37ºC preheated immune electron microscope fixed solution was stored and transported in 37ºC.

1. The detection of IEM, it is very important to take samples in the early stage, which requires skillful manipulation and rapid selection of materials within 3min to complete the selection and fixation of the target position. Minimize mechanical damage such as traction, contusion and extrusion. As small as possible, no more than 1mm³. of tissue material If the tissue block is too large and can not be fixed in time and fully, it may affect the ultrastructure.
2. Fixed samples need 4ºC to be preserved and transported in order to avoid crystallization of the stationary solution due to low temperature.
3. Please use it in a well-ventilated environment.
4. Please tighten the cap in time to prevent the active ingredient from volatilizing.
5. For your safety and health, please wear lab clothes and disposable gloves.


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