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Special Fixative for Dense Tissue 100ML For Animal Tendons And Ligaments Fixative

  • G1123-100ML

Product Description

Product introduction:
In histopathology, the tissue must be fixed in time and effectively to complete the subsequent embedding and slicing. The function of tissue fixation is to maintain the inherent morphology and structure of tissues and cells, prevent the corrosion of bacteria and the autolysis of tissue cells, preserve the inherent substances in cells, make intracellular proteins coagulate, minimize or terminate the reaction of endogenous and exogenous enzymes, and keep cells or tissues basically the same as living substances. It also harden tissue and facilitate tissue repair. For some infectious specimens, it can prevent the spread of disease and preserve the gross specimens. Finally, fixation can also enhance the effect of staining.
Dense tissue such as tendons, ligaments and other structural characteristics, in the preparation of paraffin sections often due to poor penetration of paraffin, difficult to slice or poor quality. This product is suitable for the fixation of dense connective tissue and can achieve excellent paraffin effect. The main components of this product are formaldehyde, ethanol and glacial acetic acid.

Package Contents:

Cat. No. Product description Volume
G1123 Special fixative solution for dense tissue 100 mL

Storage condition:
Stored at room temperature, in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, valid for 24 months.

The connective tissue was removed from the tendon, ligament and other tissues as far as possible, then immediately put into the fixative solution, fixed 24-48h and then transferred to 70% ethanol for preservation, tissue dehydration and embedding as soon as possible. Too long a fixed time may affect the organizational structure.

1. please use in a well-ventilated environment, and do a good job of protection to avoid inhalation.
2. Please tighten the cap in time to prevent the active ingredient from volatilizing.
3. For your safety and health, please wear lab clothes and disposable gloves.


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