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SerRed Nucleic Acid Stain Agent 10000 Times Concentrated Water Soluble Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Gel Staining Reagent

  • G3606-100UL

Product Description

Product introduction:

SerRed is a highly sensitive, mutational-free supersafe and ultra-stable fluorescent nucleic acid gel dyeing agent (in working concentration), an alternative to B ingot bromide (EtBr, EB) with much higher sensitivity than EB without discolouring. SerRed and EB have the same spectral properties, replac EB and do not require changing the imaging system.


Package Contents:

Cat. No.

Product description



SerRed nucleic acid staining (10000x, water soluble)



Storage condition:

Stored at room temperature, valid for 24 months.



1. Glue staining method (same as EB)

a. adds 5ul SerRed nucleic acid staining per 50mL agarose (recommended G5056) gel and fully mixed (SerRed provides thermal stability, can add the reagent directly to a high temperature gel solution without waiting for the gel solution to cool. SerRed may also be heated by mixing it in advance with an electrophoresis buffer containing agar powder);

b. performs electrophoresis by the usual method.

2. Bubble-soaked staining method

a. performs electrophoresis by conventional methods;

b. dilutes SerRed nucleic acid staining 10000x reservoir about 3300 times into H2O to make 3x staining(e. g. 15ul SerRed nucleic acid dye 10000x reservoir added to 50mL H2O);

c. carefully put the gel in a suitable container, add a sufficient 3x staining solution immersed gel, to shorten the bubble dyeing time, the dye solution can be heated to about 70℃, then into the gel, incubated 10min (without heating, room temperature incubated 30min, if acrylamide gel, 30-60min, and extended with increased acrylamide content). Fobble dyeing dye is more, and the dyeing liquid used alone can be reused for about 3 times. 3x SerRed dye can be prepared at room temperature until used.



1. Staining is not stored at low temperature to avoid precipitation. If precipitation is found, please heat the staining to 45-50℃, 2min, oscillatory dissolution, do not affect the use effect.

2. This product can be stained with single chain DNA and RNA, but has lower sensitivity to single chain DNA or RNA than double chain DNA.

3. Please wear lab clothes and disposable gloves.

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