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RNA solid tissue RNA stable preservation solution for Nucleic acid extraction reagent

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RNAsolid RNA Stabilization Solution for Tissue






RNAsolid RNA Stabilization Solution is a tissue storage reagent that can quickly permeate the tissue to inhibit RNase and protect RNA in fresh specimens. It is designed for the collected samples that cannot be process or frozen immediately. The samples can simply be submerged in RNA Stabilization Solution and stored for analysis at a later date.

This product has a wide range of applications, not only for fresh animal tissue samples such as liver, brain, lung, spleen, kidney, heart, muscle, etc., but also for RNA viruses, cultured cells, fungi, bacteria, blood and some plant sample. It may not be effective in tissues that are poorly penetrated by the solution, such as waxy plant tissue and bone.

This product is safe and convenient, without any toxicity and irritation, and can be used at room temperature. Most samples can be stored in RNA Stabilization Solution at 37°C for 1-2 days(25°C for 1 week, 4°C for 1 month, -20°C or lower temperature for a long time)without significant RNA degradation.

Storage and Handling Conditions

Transport at room temperature; store at room temperature for 24 months.


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RNAsolid RNA Stabilization Solution for Tissue



Product Manual

Assay Protocol / Procedures

1. Sample handling

Use RNAsolid RNA Stabilization Solution with fresh tissue, do not freeze tissues.

Cut the large tissue to a suitable size (≤0.5 cm in any single dimension).

Completely immerse in 5-10 volumes of RNAsolid RNA Stabilization Solution.

Animal tissue: tissue that has been equilibrated in RNAsolid Solution can be removed from the solution, sectioned into smaller pieces, and returned to RNAsolid Solution. It may not be effective in tissues that are poorly penetrated such as bone.

Plant tissue: Plant tissues that have natural barriers to diffusion, such as waxy coatings on leaves, will often require disruption to allow RNAsolid Solution access to the tissue.

Whole blood sample: Collect 100-300 µL of fresh blood sample, add it to the anticoagulant tube containing anticoagulant (EDTA sodium, potassium, heparin or citrate, etc.), and mix, and add the solution in a ratio of 1:5.

Yeast, bacteria sample: Discard the supernatant by centrifugation, collect a certain amount of bacterial pellet, and then quickly add an appropriate amount of the solution to completely immerse the bacterial pellet.

Cell samples: The cells can be washed in PBS before resuspending in RNAsolid Solution, and remove supernatant and then add 5–10 volumes Solution.

RNA virus samples: After the swab sample is collected, add the swab directly to 0.5-1 mL RNAsolid Solution.For liquids samples, add 5-10 volumes of RNAsolid Solution, and then store it at the corresponding temperature.

2. Sample preservation

Most samples can be stored in RNA Stabilization Solution at 37°C for 1-2 days(25°C for 1 week, 4°C for 1 month, -20°C or lower temperature for a long time)without significant RNA degradation. If you need to store the sample for a long time, first immerse the sample in RNAsolid Solution at 4℃ overnight, then discard the RNAsolid Solution, and put it at -20℃ or -80℃ for 3 to 5 years storage.

3. RNA isolation

Tissue samples: Retrieve tissue from RNAsolid Solution with sterile forceps, quickly blot away excess RNAsolid Solution with an absorbent lab wipe or paper towel, and then submerge the sample in RNA isolation lysis solution. Homogenize tissue promptly after placing it in lysis/denaturation solution.

Cell and bacteria samples: try to keep the precipitate after centrifugation in a tight state and avoid resuspension, otherwise it may have a certain impact on the subsequent RNA yield.

Add the same volume of PBS or DEPC water as RNAsolid Solution to the stored samples, Collect precipitation samples after centrifugation.


1. The tissue samples should be quickly and completely immersed in RNAsolid tissue RNA stable preservation solution after proper size processing.

2. Using RNAsolid Solution for samples frozen at -20°C or -80°C, repeated freezing and thawing 3-5 times will not significantly affect the quality of RNA.

3. This product is suitable for the stabilization and preservation of RNA in fresh tissue or cells samples.

4. The tissue samples stored by this product can be extracted by conventional RNA extraction methods.

5. This product can also be used for the stabilization and preservation of protein and DNA in tissues, but RNAsolid will cause protein denaturation, and subsequent experiments such as Western Blot and SDS-PAGE can be carried out.

6. After storing with this product, the sample may become slightly hard, which is normal and will not affect the homogenization and lysis of the tissue during subsequent RNA extraction.

7. After the blood leukocyte sample is separated according to the conventional method, it can be stored with reference to the method of cell sample.

8. For your safety and health, please wear lab coats and disposable gloves for operation.

For Research Use Only!

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