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RNA solid tissue RNA stable preservation solution for Nucleic acid extraction reagent

  • G3019-100ML
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Product Description



RNAsolid tissue RNA stable preservation solution is often used when collecting animal tissues. It can quickly inhibit RNase and stably preserve RNA in tissue samples under room temperature condition. This product has a wide range of applications, not only for fresh animal tissue samples such as liver, brain, lung, spleen, kidney, heart, muscle, etc., but also for the preservation of cultured cells, fungi, bacteria, blood and some plant samples to preserve. It is more suitable for situations where RNA extraction (including small RNAs such as miRNA) cannot be performed immediately after sample collection, especially for samples collected in the field or clinically, animal tissue samples collected in large quantities, and samples that cannot be frozen immediately and saved. The effect of this product is equivalent to that of liquid nitrogen freezing. This product can quickly penetrate into the tissue, completely inhibit endogenous RNase, avoid RNA degradation, maintain the integrity of the RNA in the sample, and can preserve the RNA in the sample for a long time like liquid nitrogen. This product is safe and convenient, without any toxicity or irritation, and can be used at room temperature, ensuring safety and convenience in use. Compared with liquid nitrogen, it can effectively avoid frostbite and centrifuge tube burst etc. those safety hazard caused by the use of ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen, it is very convenient to carry and transport. The storage time of the sample in this product is related to the storage temperature. For example, it can be stored at 37°C for 1 to 2 days, at room temperature at 25°C for a week, at 4°C for 1 month, and at -20°C or lower for long-term storage.


Storage and transportation

Transport at room temperature; store at room temperature or 4°C, valid for 24 months.

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