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  • [Product News] How to seal PCR plate?


    The PCR plate is used in the PCR machine, which is the same as the microplate with the microplate reader. PCR plate is used as a solid-phase carrier for the sample to perform PCR reaction and detect by PCR machine. In fact, put it simply, a PCR plate is a combination of many PCR tubes, generally 96 Read More

  • [Product News] What is the structure of PCR reaction plate?


    PCR plates use a fast but inexpensive technique called polymerase chain reaction, which is to amplify or copy small segments of DNA. Often heralded as one of the most important scientific advances in molecular biology, PCR plates revolutionized the study of DNA to such an extent. l What is the struc Read More

  • [Product News] What can PCR plate be used for?


    What can PCR plate be used for?This PCR plate, constructed from a single rigid piece of polypropylene, is compatible with PCR systems and thermal cyclers. PCR plates can reduce waste from smaller experiments by using the easy-to-tear dual side tabs by separating. White or clear PCR plates? Standard Read More

  • [Product News] What is PCR reaction plate?


    PCR reaction plate is a versatile polypropylene PCR plate designed for use with 96-well thermal blocks. The PCR reaction plate contains three identical 32-well plate segments connected by dual side tabs for smaller experiments. The PCR reaction plate offers the same thin-walled construction as other Read More

  • [Product News] How to use centrifuge tubes?


    Centrifuge tube is a kind of tubular sample container used for the separation and preparation of biological samples by centrifugal technology. The huge centrifugal force provided by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge causes the tiny particles in the liquid to settle and separate from the solu Read More

  • [Product News] How to maintain centrifuge tubes?


    Centrifuge tubes are cylinder-shaped, calibrated glass containers that fit into centrifuge slots for the analysis and separation of various materials. Researchers use centrifuge tubes to test solid liquid or immiscible liquid samples. Centrifuge tubes are used in various laboratories to separate flu Read More

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