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Plant Tissue Bating Solution for Plant Tissue Section Softening Liquid

  • G1115-500ML

Product Description

Product introduction:
Plant tissues such as roots and stems with a high degree of lignification cannot be sliced directly because the tissues are hard and brittle when making slices. The tissues need to be softened to obtain tissue slices. This product is used for the softening of lignified plant tissues. The xylem structure is destroyed by alkaline solution to achieve softening. After the softened plant tissues, tissue sections can be easily obtained, and the tissue structure is intact. The main active ingredient of this product is ethylene diamine.

Package Contents:

Cat. No. Product description Volume
G1115 Plant Tissue bating liquor 500 mL

Storage condition:
Stored at room temperature, valid for 12 months.

After the plant tissue was detached, the FAA fixed time was about 48 h. Cut the fixed tissue into a suitable size, generally no more than 0.5 cm thick. Put it in the softening fluid to completely immerse the tissue in the softening fluid and start to soften. Replace the fresh softening fluid every 3-5 days during the tissue softening. . When the tissue is elastic when the hand touches it, the softening is complete when the tissue can be easily cut with a scalpel blade. The softening time for tissues of general size is about one week. For tissues with a higher degree of lignification, longer softening time is required.

1. Please use this product in a well-ventilated place, and protect it from inhalation.

2. This product realizes the softening of plants by destroying the xylem structure, which has an impact on the subsequent saffron dyeing. Please use it with caution.

3. If the tissue needs to be sectioned to observe the xylem structure by Safranine Fast Green staining, plastic embedding is recommended for hard tissue sections (GP1017, GP1018, GP1020).

4. Please wear laboratory clothes and disposable gloves during operation.

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