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// G6017-20 Adhesion Microscope Slide Paraffin Section Lab Sample Slides Glass
// G6012-2 Glass slides for microscope sample
// G6012-2-50 Adhesion Microscope Slide Frozen Section Sample Slides
// WG525 Black Wet Box Staining Tray IHC Immunofluorescence Stain Tray
// WG526 Immunohistochemistry Immunofluorescence Wet Box (transparent) Staining Tray Clear
// WG524 Staining Tray Black Wet Box Light Proof For Sample Slides Staining
// G1206-250ML 20x Tris-EDTA Repair Buffer Solution(pH 8.0) Antigen retrieval solution
// G1201-1L Citric Acid Buffer Solution Antigen Retrieval Buffer Dry Powder
// G1115-500ML Plant Tissue Bating Solution for Plant Tissue Section Softening Liquid
// G1202-250ML 20X Citrate Antigen Retrieval Solution (pH 6.0)
// G1123-100ML Special Fixative for Dense Tissue 100ML For Animal Tendons And Ligaments Fixative
// G1119-250ML 250ml Fat Fixative Solution Tissue Embedding Section fixative
// G1203-250ML 20 times;Tris-EDTA antigen retrieval solution (pH 9.0)
// G1204-100ML Cell Rupture Fluid Permeabilization Solution Triton X-100
// G1121-500ML Animal Testicular Tissue Fixative 500ML
// G1112-500ML In Situ Hybridization Fixative For Softer Plants Cloning Biochemical Fixative
// G1120-500ML Carnoys Liquid Phase Fixative Solution Used To Fix Intestinal Mucus
// G1107-500ML G1107-500ML New Decalcification Solution (quick Decalcification)
// G1105-500ML G1105-500ML Enzyme Nondestructive EDTA Decalcification Solution (slow Decalcification)
// G1043-20ML Von Kossa Staining Solution for Staining of Calcium Salts in Tissues
// G1036-100ML Nissl Body Staining Reagent for Nerve Cell
// G1048-50ML Feulgen Stain Kit 50ML For DNA Staining Reagents
// G1040-500ML Hematoxylin Blue Liquid Heamatoxylin Solution
// G1001-100ML Eosin Y Solution (in water) Red Blood Cells Red Blood Cells Staining Reagent
// G1047-100ML Acid-fast Stain KIT for Staining of Acid-fast Bacteria
// G1039-500ML Hematoxylin He Staining Solution for Differentiation Bleaching Experiments
// G1053 Safranin O-Fast Green Staining Reagent For Bone Tissue
// G1038-100ML Alizarin Red S Stain for Dyeing A Small Amount of Calcium Salt Deposits
// G5001-100G Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) for Biochemical Experiments
// G1041-50UL G1041-50UL Cyclopeptide Staining Reagent for Ghost Pen (red Light)

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