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// WGSPB0002 Exposure Plate 20 Slots Microscope Slides Exposure Kit Thicken Acid Resistance
// WGSPB0001 Exposure Plate 20 Slots Microscope Slides Exposure Kit
// G6059-110ML OCT Compound Optimal Cutting Temperature Compound For The Preparation of Tissue Frozen Sections
// G1216-200T Immunohistochemistry Kit Anti-mouse Secondary Antibody Two-step Immunohistochemistry Kit
// WGRSJ0001-B26 Staining Racks Steel Reusable Racks For Microscope Slides Organizer Storage
// WGG6023-1 Embedding Bottom Mold For Paraffin Embedding of Pathological Section Samples
// G5001-5G Bovine Serum Albumin BSA Cohn Fraction V for Western Blot
// G5001-25G Bovine Serum Albumin BSA Immunoassay blocking agent For WB ELISA
// G5001-100G Bovine Serum Albumin BSA 100G For ELISA Western Blot Sealant
// G1012-100ML G1012-100ML Nuclear Staining DAPI Staining Reagent
// WG493-24 Staining Racks Plastic for morphological staining of pathological sections
// WG Disposable dehydration cassette For pathological section specimens
// G0015-500ML 10×TBS Tris-base Saline Biological Buffer Salt Solution
// G2017-1L Transfer Buffer Powder PAGE Transfer Buffer Powder For Western-Blot
// WGAR1009-5 Normal goat serum concentrated Blocking serum
// G1031-100ML G1031-100ML Safranin O-Fast Green Staining (plant)
// G1019-10ML G1019-10ML Cell Viability Test Trypan Blue Stain
// G1001-100ML Eosin Y Solution (in alcoholic) Red Blood Cells Red Blood Cells Staining Reagent
// Specimen Bottle
// WGSPB0001 WGSPB0001 Acid and Alkali Resistance Slide Drying Board
// WGSPB0002 WGSPB0002 Acid and Alkali Resistance Thickened Slide Drying Board
// WGQPH0005 Microscope Slide Box 50 Slot for Lab Storage Case
// G6056-T Microscope Slide Box 50 Slots Transparent ABS Slides Sample Holders
// G6057-B Microscope Slide Box 25 Slots Sample Holder Box Slices Storage
// G6056 Clear Microscope Slide Box
// G6057 Microscope Slide Box Light Proof
// G6056-T Microscope Slide Box Transparent 50 Slots Sample Slides Holder Organizer
// G6012-2 Adhesion Sample Slides Frozen Section Microscope Slide Standard Glass Slides
// G6012-1 Adhesion Microscope Slide Paraffin section For Sample
// G6012-1 Adhesion Microscope Slide (Paraffin section)

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