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PW-600 Electrophoresis Power for Western Hybridization

Dimension: 235mm*285mm*95mm
Parallel output: 4 Groups
Output range: 6 ~ 600V(1V);4 ~ 400mA(1mA);5~240W(1W)
Product use: Power the electrophoresis tank.
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Product Description

Product Description

1. It can be fine-tuned in real time during working state;

2. Microcomputer intelligent control;

3. Large LCD screen, display all operation prompts, set parameters, output state, etc.;

4. High precision and high reliability;

5. Multiple programming working methods such as standard, timing, volt and step-by-step;

6. Adoption of switching power output can fulfil automatic alarm and automatic shut-down once the situation of over-voltage, over-current, over-load, variable load, no load and current leakage.

Usage and Application:

Western hybridization (trough or semi-dry transfer)

Nucleic acid gel electrophoresis

Protein gel electrophoresis


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