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OCT Compound Optimal Cutting Temperature Compound For The Preparation of Tissue Frozen Sections

  • G6059-110ML

Product Description

Product introduction:

OCT compound is a water-soluble mixture of polyethylene glycol and polyvinyl alcohol. It has been widely used in the preparation of frozen tissue sections. After the tissue is embedded in the OCT compound, it can support the tissue, increase the continuity of the tissue, and reduce wrinkles. Pleated and chipped. Because the OCT mixture is water-soluble, the slices will dissolve after rinsing in water, and will not increase background staining in subsequent staining. It is an ideal medium for preparing frozen sections, so it is also called OCT frozen section OCT compound.


Storage and transportation

Storage and transportation at room temperature, valid for 24 months.


Instructions for use

1. Tissues stored at -80°C are slowly thawed at -20°C 30 minutes in advance. If it is a fixed tissue, it needs to be dehydrated through a gradient sucrose solution.


Put the prepared tissue on the sample tray and drop the OCT compound to wrap the tissue (make the side that needs to be sliced face up), and then quickly put the sample holder into the quick refrigerating shelf or the cryostat chamber, and freeze for about 20 minutes.



1. The OCT compound should be dropped evenly when embedding the tissue, and no air bubbles should be left, which will affect the quality of the sections.

2. Pay attention to the position of the cut surface and the placement of the sample when embedding.

3. Please wear lab coat and disposable gloves during operation.


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