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Nuclear Fast Red Staining Reagent 100ML Calcium Red Kernehtrot Fast Red B NFR 0.1% Solution

  • G1035

Product Description


The nuclear fast red solution is used to stain pathalogical sections and nuclear in immunohistochemistry. The nucleus is acidic and negative charged, which easily bind positive charged nuclear fast red dye. The nuclear fast red shows red at alkaline conditions. Nucleus in tissue slides or cells are red by counterstain with nuclear fast red.


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Nuclear fast red solution




Valid in 12 months at room temperature. 


For paraffine slides, deparaffinize and rehydrate to distilled water.

For immunohistochemical climbing slides, wash in tap water after complete chromogenic reaction.

Stain slides with nuclear fast red solution for several minutes, wash in running tap water. Dehydrate with gradient alcohol (70-100%) and dry, then clear in xylene and mount with resin mounting medium. 



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