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Mycoplasma Prevention Reagent 5ML 1000× For Cell Culture Mycoplasma Inhibitor

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Product Description



This product is a mycoplasma inhibitor and consists of 3 kinds of antibiotics, namely quinolones, tetracyclines and macrolides. After optimization and debugging, this product can effectively interfere with mycoplasma DNA replication and protein synthesis, thereby preventing mycoplasma contamination during cell culture without affecting the cells. At the same time, this product can inhibit Gram-negative and positive bacteria, and also can be used as a substitute for double antibodies (Penicillin-Streptomycin) in daily cell culture.


Storage and transportation

Transport with wet ice; store at -20°C to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. The validity period is 12 months.




Kit composition:



Mycoplasma Prevention Reagent(1000×)

1 mL

 Instruction Manual




1. Add Mycoplasma Prevention Reagent (1000×) to the cell culture medium (containing serum, without double antibodies) at a ratio of 1:1000, and mix thoroughly;


2. Follow the routine cell culture steps for cell culture.





1. This product can inhibit mycoplasma during cell culture. If the cells are confirmed to be infected with mycoplasma, it is recommended to use mycoplasma removal reagent (recommended G4006, G4007, G4008).


2. Store this product at -20℃, try to avoid repeated freezing and thawing; adding to the culture medium, it can be stored at 2-8℃ for at least 1 month in a short period of time.


3. For your safety and health, please wear lab coats and disposable gloves for operation.

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