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Lipopolysaccharides LPS Cell Culture Endotoxin

Volume: 10mg

  • G5032-10MG
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Product Description

Product introduction:


Lipopolysaccharides, LPS for short, is a unique component in the cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria, located in the outermost layer of the cell wall. Structurally, LPS is composed of lipid A, core polysaccharides and O-polysaccharide side chains. Lipid A is the main component of bacterial endotoxin. LPS is difficult to fall off from the cell wall. When bacteria die, they fall off by dissolving and destroying cells. LPS can cause a cascade of immune stimulation and toxic pathophysiological activities of the body, and has a toxic effect on animal cells. LPS is also called endotoxin due to its non-secreted toxin properties in bacteria.


This product is derived from the serotype Escherichia coli O55:B5.


Main parameters


Properties: white to slightly brown flocculent freeze-dried powder

Source: Escherichia coli O55: B5

Vitality unit: endotoxin level ≥500,000 EU/mg


Product list:

Cat. No.

Product description



Lipopolysaccharides LPS



Storage and transportation

Transport in wet ice; store at 4°C, valid for 2 years.





LPS powder is non-sterile and needs to be filtered and sterilized when used in cell culture animal experiments. You can first dissolve the LPS powder in a balanced salt solution to prepare a high-concentration (for example, 1 mg/mL) storage solution. After sterilization by 0.22 μm filter, the LPS powder can be divided into small aliquots, which can be stored stably at -20°C for at least 12 months. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing. When using, dilute with balanced salt solution or culture medium to the required working solution concentration.




1. LPS can be adsorbed on plastic or some glassware, especially when the concentration is lower than 0.1 mg/mL, so be careful when diluting the working fluid. When the LPS concentration is greater than 1 mg/mL, the above-mentioned adsorption effect is negligible.

2. For your safety and health, please wear lab coats and disposable gloves for operation.

This product is for scientific research purposes only, not for clinical diagnosis!

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