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Lentivirus Concentration Solution 5× Solution for Cell Biology Teaching Reagents

Specification: 100ML
  • G1801-100ML
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Product Description



Lentivirus Precipitation Solution is a simple, fast, efficient lentiviral concentration reagent that can make simple and effective enrichment of all types of lentiviral particles. The reagent is easy to operate, and only the slow virus stock solution and 5 × sedimentary virus precipitation concentrate are mixed, and for a certain period of time, it can be centrifuged with ordinary high-speed centrifuge, and concentrated slow viral particles, the recovery rate is 90 % Or more, increase 100 times viral titer.


Storage and transportation

Ice bag (Wet ICE) transportation; 4 ° C preservation, valid for 12 months.




Lentivirus Precipitation Solution (5×)

100 mL

 Instruction Manual





1. Collect the lentiviral supernatant and filter it with a sterile filter with a 0.45 μm filter membrane (PES membrane with low protein absorption is recommended) to remove cells and debris (before the virus stock solution, the filter membrane can be pre-cooled with 3-5 mL PBS Once in advance);


2. Mix the lentivirus supernatant and 5× lentivirus precipitation concentrate at a ratio of 4:1 (4 parts of the virus supernatant and 1 part of the virus concentrate), and incubate the mixture at 4°C for 2 h. During this period, mix upside down 10 times every 30 minutes, or incubate overnight at 4°C (appropriately extending the incubation time can increase the virus recovery rate);


3. After incubating for a certain period of time, centrifuge at 8000 g for 10-15 min at 4°C;


4. Carefully remove the supernatant, resuspend the lentiviral particles with the original volume of 1/10~1/100 of DMEM or PBS (G4202 is recommended) (in some cases, the precipitate may not be visible to the naked eye), gently pipette evenly, and resuspend After the precipitate, the titer of the concentrated lentivirus sample can be determined and then aliquoted according to the experimental use and stored at -80°C (minimize the number of repeated freezing and thawing of the lentivirus to avoid reducing the virus titer).





1. This kit does not provide filters and syringes, please bring your own filters and syringes.


2. Although the components of this kit have a certain protective effect on repeated freezing and thawing of lentivirus, please try to avoid repeated freezing and thawing of lentivirus.


3. Please wear lab coats and gloves during operation.

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