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KZ-III High Speed Tissue Homogenizer Grinding Machine

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Used for homogenizing biological tissues

Homogenizer can be used for following WB, PCR and biochemical experiments.

Cat No. KZ-III
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The KZ-III high-speed tissue grinder uses a vertical oscillation system to move back and forth at high speed to make the sample pre-cooled in the grinding tube collide with the grinding beads. The grinding shear and impact force generated by it can completely break the tissue, which is suitable for research institutes and universities. Special equipment for one-time rapid processing of multiple samples in the fields of, agricultural institutes, biomedicine, food testing and other fields.

Traditional mortar grinding can only grind one sample at a time, and the processing efficiency is low; and tools such as the mortar must be cleaned and sterilized each time, which greatly increases the workload of sample processing.

 a. Suitable for various plant tissues, the grinder can greatly improve the sample processing process:

The samples can be subjected to dry grinding, wet grinding and homogenization treatment;

It can process up to 24 samples at the same time, and complete sample preparation quickly and with high throughput;

A wide range of samples can be processed:

Grinding and breaking of tissues including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and other samples;

 b. Suitable for grinding and breaking samples of various animal tissues including brain, heart, lung, stomach, liver, thymus, kidney, intestine, lymph node, muscle, bone, etc.;

 c. Suitable for grinding and breaking of cells and microorganisms;

 d. Suitable for grinding and crushing of food and drug composition analysis and testing;

3. The use of closed disposable centrifuge tubes can effectively avoid cross-contamination between samples;

4. The experiment is highly repeatable, and the same grinding frequency and time can be set to obtain the same grinding effect;

5. Low temperature pre-cooling: the adapter can be pre-cooled at -80℃ or liquid nitrogen;

Cat. No. Product Name Specification Gross weight
KZ-III-FP High speed tissue grinding machine low temperature (-30ºC) Dimensions: 500*365*370mm 55Kg
KZ-III-F High speed tissue grinding machine low temperature (-10ºC) Dimensions: 500*365*370mm 55Kg

High speed tissue grinding machine

(room temperature)

Dimensions: 265*365*366mm 45Kg
KZ-5F-3D High speed tissue grinding machine low temperature (-40ºC) Dimensions: 500*365*370mm 55KG

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