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KZ-5F-3D High Efficient 3D Frozen Grinding Machine Tissue Homogenizer

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Maximum Speed: 4500rmp
Minimum Temperature: -40℃
Usage: Grind tissue in 3D low temperature environment.
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KZ-5F-3D freezing grinding instrument is a special 3D integrated operation mode. The sample moves in "∞" shape in space, and the sample is grinded in a very short time. It is a special equipment for one-time rapid processing of multi sample in research institutes, universities, agricultural institutes, biomedicine, food detection and other fields.

A wide range of samples can be processed, see as follows:

a.It is suitable for grinding and crushing all kinds of plant tissues, including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and other samples

b. It is suitable for grinding and crushing all kinds of animal tissues, including brain, heart, lung, stomach, liver, thymus, kidney, intestine, lymph node, muscle, bone and other samples

c.It is suitable for grinding and crushing of cell and microorganisms.

d.It is suitable for grinding and crushing of food and drug composition analysis and detection

Adoption of closed disposable centrifugal tubes effectively helps to avoid cross-contamination of samples.

The experiment has strong repeatability. Same grinding effect can be obtained by setting the same grinding frequency and time.

Refrigeration function: -40℃ to room temperature; Control accuracy: ±1℃

Tissue Homogenizer-New

Main Parameters

1. Up to 24 samples can be processed in 15 seconds at the same time, which can quickly, efficiently and high-throughput sample grinding;
2. Adopt a special 3D integrated operation mode, the sample in space in the shape of "∞" 3D movement, efficient grinding, better stability;
3. A wide range of samples can be processed, such as plant tissues (such as rice, corn, wheat, beans, peanuts, etc.), animal tissues (such as muscle, small intestine, heart, lung, fur, bone, etc.), microorganisms and various Chinese medicinal materials, drugs, etc.;
4. Closed disposable centrifugal tubes are used in the grinding process to effectively avoid cross-contamination between samples;
5. Preset 10 groups of common tissue grinding parameters to optimize grinding conditions of different specimens;
6. Homogenizing speed: 3m/s-8m/s, the actual speed can reach 4500rpm, working time: 0-99 minutes, users can set by themselves;
7. Maximum sample size: no requirement, adjust according to the adapter;
8. Emergency stop button: it can be taken at any time in the grinding process, the instrument will stop running immediately, fast and safe;
9. Electromagnetic safety lock: click on the screen to control, automatically unlock power off; Can not open the cover in the working process, until the end of the grinding process, the whole process of protection;
10. Grinding mode: wet grinding, dry grinding,and low temperature grinding are available;
11. Compressor refrigeration: the temperature will drop to minus zero within 10 minutes after starting the machine. The temperature range is -40℃ to room temperature.
12. Noise level: < 65dB;
13. Dimension: 500*365*370mm.

Sq. No.

Item name





2ml*24 round hole



Adapter cover

2ml*24 round hole



Grinding tube




Zirconic grinding bead


1 bottle


Zirconic grinding bead


1 bottle


Power line





1 pc


Homogenizer acceptance report


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