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// G0004-500ML 500ml Tbst Buffer Tbs Buffer with Tween-20 for Western Blot
// G5001-50G Bovine Serum Albumin BSA Immunoassay blocking agent For Western Blot ELISA
// G1215-200T Immunohistochemistry Kit Anti-rabbit Secondary Antibody For IHC Western Blot
// G1231-50UL IF488-Tyramide Tyramide Signal Amplification Immunohistochemistry Reagents
// G1232-50UL iF647-Tyramide Tyramide Signal Amplification Immunohistochemistry Reagents
// G1233-50UL iF555-Tyramide Tyramide Signal Amplification Immunohistochemistry Reagents
// G1213-100UL Goat Anti-rabbit Secondary Antibody for IHC Western Blot
// G1212-200T DAB Chromogenic Kit for Immunohistochemistry in Situ Hybridization Western Color Reagent
// G0142-100ML Pepsin Antigen Retrieval Solution for Immunohistochemistry
// G2012-250ML G2012-250ML 3*250ml Coomassie Bright Blue Dye Kit
// G2011-100ML G2011-100ML 100ml Ponceau S Stain for Protein Detection
// G2010-100ML G2010-100ML 100ml Goat-derived Antibody Blocking Buffer
// G0004-500ML G0004-500ML TBST TBS Buffer with Tween-20 for Western Blot
// WGXFHA0008 Antigen Retrieval Box For Immunohistochemistry Immunofluorescence
// G1216-200T Immunohistochemistry Kit Anti-mouse Secondary Antibody Two-step Immunohistochemistry Kit
// G5001-5G Bovine Serum Albumin BSA Cohn Fraction V for Western Blot
// G5001-25G Bovine Serum Albumin BSA Immunoassay blocking agent For WB ELISA
// G5001-100G Bovine Serum Albumin BSA 100G For ELISA Western Blot Sealant
// G0015-500ML 10×TBS Tris-base Saline Biological Buffer Salt Solution
// G2017-1L Transfer Buffer Powder PAGE Transfer Buffer Powder For Western-Blot
// WGAR1009-5 Normal goat serum concentrated Blocking serum
// G1206-250ML 20x Tris-EDTA Repair Buffer Solution(pH 8.0) Antigen retrieval solution
// G1201-1L Citric Acid Buffer Solution Antigen Retrieval Buffer Dry Powder
// G1202-250ML 20X Citrate Antigen Retrieval Solution (pH 6.0)
// G1203-250ML 20 times;Tris-EDTA antigen retrieval solution (pH 9.0)
// G1204-100ML Cell Rupture Fluid Permeabilization Solution Triton X-100
// G5001-100G Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) for Biochemical Experiments
// G0015-500ML TRIS-HCL Balanced Salt Buffer For Biological Research 10XTBS
// G0001-2L TRIS-HCL Balanced Salt Buffer TBS Buffer (dry Powder)
// G0002-2L PBS buffer (dry powder)

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