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Hematoxylin Blue Liquid Heamatoxylin Solution

  • G1040-500ML

Product Description


Haematoxylin shows high affinity with nuclear and is used to stain nucleus as blue. After stain with haematoxylin, histological sections undergo differentiate to dissolve the blue complexes, removing the non-specific staining and revealing the red color. Then subsequently, back to blue is needed, which make blue complexes in nucleus precipitated again. This bluing solution may promote the bluing process in several seconds.


Package content






Hematoxylin bluing solution

500 ml



Valid in 12 months at room temperature.



1、 Deparaffinize sections, 2 changes of xylene, 10 minutes each. Dehydrate in 95% alcohol and 85% alcohol respectively, 5 minute each. Wash in running tap water for 1-2 min.

2、 Stain in hematoxylin solution (G1004) for 3-5 minutes, wash in tap water for 1 minute to 2 minutes

3、 Rinse in haematoxylin differentiate solution (G1039) for a few seconds

4、 Rinse in bluing solution (G1040) for a few seconds, wash in tap water for 1-2 min.

5、 Carry out other routine process such as other stain, or dehydrate. Then followed by clear and mount, microscopy determination.



1、 The differentiate solution can be reused for several times. But the over-use may affect the process time and efficiency.

2、 The bluing solution is alkaline. If the next step involves staining with acidic solution, wash slides in running tap water for 5 min to remove bluing solution absolutely.

3、 Please use the reagent within valid period. The staining kit should be stored avoiding extremely high or low temperature and kept in dark condition.

4、 For your safety and health, please wear a lab coat and wear disposable gloves.


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