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Goldner trichrome staining solution for Nuclear stain

 20 ml*6          RT in the dark.

  • G1064-20ML

Product Description


Goldner trichrome staining is mainly used to differentiate mineralized and non-mineralized bone based on dye molecular weight and tissue permeability. The conformation of collagen fibers changed in mineralized bone which can be stained by dye. As a result of this method, the mineralized bone is green while non-mineralized bone is orange, other elements such as muscles, cytoplasm and red blood cells are red, nucleus are purple-black or grey-black. It is applied in evaluate the porosis in bone defect repairing.

Package content





Hematoxylin iron  solution A



Hematoxylin iron solution



Acid ponceau fuchsin solution



Organge G solution



Brilliant green solution



Valid in 6 months at room temperature


1 Deparaffinize and rehydrate by immersing the slides through the following:

1、Xylene: two washes 20 minutes each

2、100% alcohol: two washes for 5 minutes

3、75% alcohol: wash for 5 minutes

4、Wash briefly in tap water

Iron hematoxylin stain Mix up the Weigert hematoxylin iron solution A with solution B by equivalent volume to generate iron hematoxylin solution. Rinse the slides in this iron hematoxylin solution for 20 minutes, wash in tap water. Then differentiate in 1% acid alcohol less than 5 seconds, wash in distilled water.

Acid ponceau fuchsin stain Stain in acid ponceau fuchsin solution for 5-10 minutes, rinse in glacial acetic acid (0.1-1%) to wash quickly. 

4 Orange G stain. Rinse in Organge G solution for 1-5 min. manage the time by observing in microscopy until the ponceau of collagen fade.

5 Brilliant green stain. Rinse slide in Brilliant green solution for 3-10 min, differentiate in three changes of glacial acetic acid (0.1-1%). Then dehydrate in 3 changes of absolute alcohol, 5 min each. 

6 Clear in xylene for 5 min and mount with resin mounting medium. 

7 Microscopy examination and analysis



Collagen fibers are blue. Muscle fibers, cellulose and red blood结cells are red.



1、Change the iron hematoxylin solution in time according to slides amouns and usage. Prepare before use is alternative.  

2、control the extent of staining with Orange G and acid ponceau fuchsin. Too deep red of collagen has negative impact on Brilliant green coloring effect.

3、control the proper differentiate extent in glacial acetic acid. Avoid inadequate or over differentiate.


G1064-20ML=Slice 13Slice 11Slice 12Slice 10

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