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Glass slides for microscope sample Frozen section slides

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Application: Frozen section
  • G6012-2
  • Servicebio

Product Specification
Item Number G6012-2
Product Name Adhesion Microscope Slide (Frozen Section)
Size 25*75*1.2 mm
Material Glass
Application For adhesion of frozen sections in immunohistochemistry & immunofluorescence.
Packing 50pcs/plastic box,  50boxes/carton
Carton Size 40×20×15cm
Product Description The adhesion microscope slide is used for adhesion of frozen sectios, with good adhesion and wash-free.
Product Features ● Good adhesion and wash-free;
● Larged marking edge area, for marking conveniently with pencil;
● Polished edge and 45 ° clipped corner, safe for using.
Storage Condition Keep dry and away from sunlight.

Servicebio's microscope glass slides is a glass or quartz slide that is used to place things when observing them with a microscope. When making a sample, a cell or tissue section is placed on the slide and a cover slide is placed on it for observation. In optics, a thin sheet of glasslike material used to produce phase differences.

Lead-free glass, no hand damage.

Microscope slide(Paraffin section)
For immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence with good adhesion and wash-free.


16. Adhesion Microscope slide (Paraffin section)

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