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GN100bp DNA Ladder II Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis Marker

DNA bands :including 100 bp, 200 bp, 300 bp, 400 bp, 500 bp, 600 bp, 700 bp
  • G3366-01

Product Description

Product introduction:

GN100bp DNA Ladder II is composed of 7 linear double-stranded DNA bands (including 100 bp, 200 bp, 300 bp, 400 bp, 500 bp, 600 bp, 700 bp), and has been mixed with 1x DNA loading buffer containing blue indicator dye.It is suitable for the analysis of DNA bands in agarose gel electrophoresis.This product is a ready-to-use product. According to experimental needs, 5-10ul can be directly taken for electrophoresis. It is easy to use and the electrophoresis strip is clear, which is convenient for accurate determination of the DNA content of the target product. In GN100bp DNA Ladder II, the concentration of 500bp band DNA was 100ng/5ul, showing bright bands;The concentration of DNA in other bands was 50ng/5ul.


Package Contents:

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Product description



GN100bp DNA Ladder II



Storage condition:

Wet ice bag transportation; Stored at -20℃ temperature, valid for 12 months.



1. Defrost and mix thoroughly, take 5ul of the product and add it into the sample well of agarose gel (add 1ul:1mm in proportion to the width of the well, if the sample well is wide, add the sample volume appropriately), and conduct electrophoresis.

2. The recommended electrophoresis condition is 2% agarose gel (G5056 is recommended) and the voltage is 4-10 V/cm.

3. The bands were stained with EB or other nucleic acid dyes (G3010, G3606 is recommended) and observed under UV lamp or gel imager.


1. When used, thoroughly thaw and mix. After thawing, store at 4℃to avoid repeated freeze-thaw.

2. Recommend electrophoretic buffer: TAE/TBE (G3001, G3002 are recommended); Change the buffer and use the newly formulated agarose gel in time to avoid affecting the results of electrophoresis.

3. Please wear lab clothes and disposable gloves.

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