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G2050-500ML 500ml BTT Electrophoresis Buffer 25x to Stabilize pH the System

Specifiction: 500ml
Application: Stabilize pH the System.
Transportation and Storage: Store and transport at room temperature, effective for 12 months.
  • G2050-500ML
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Product Description


BTT Electrophoresis Buffer (25×) is an electrophoresis buffer for SDS-PAGE high-resolution color (red)/(green) gel ultra fast preparation kit series, and the core component is MOPS electrophoresis buffer.

Product name

Cat. No.


BTT Electrophoresis buffer (25×)


500 mL

Product Usage


Before high resolution color SDS-PAGE protein gel electrophoresis, BTT electrophoresis buffer (25×) was diluted 25 times with pure water to 1 x concentration for use.


1. This electrophoresis buffer cannot be mixed with Tris-Glycine electrophoresis buffer, only applicable to our SDS-PAGE high-resolution color (red)/(green) gel ultra fast preparation kit (article No. :G2066-50T, G2067-50T, G2068-50T, G2071-50T, G2072-50T, G2073-50T) for supporting use.

2. This electrophoretic buffer is not recommended for reuse.

3. Please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves during operation.

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