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G2048-500UL 500ul Polyacrylamide Gel Page Top Gel Yellow Dye

Specifiction: 500ul
Application: Preparation of yellow polyacrylamide gel top glue.
Transportation and Storage: Transport at room temperature; Store at 4℃, valid for 12 months.
  • G2048-500UL
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Product Description


This product is a kind of applicable to formulate dye yellow polyacrylamide gel upper gum, the dye can be stable in the upper gum (concentrated glue, gel), will not enter the lower rubber as electrophoresis separation (glue), so the yellow dye add upper glue protein spot holes may be clear, easy to determine whether the sample on the side of hole spacing or distort damaged,Conveniently add the protein sample to the spot sample hole accurately.The dye will not affect the effect of electrophoresis and dyeing, and after electrophoresis is completed, it is also easy to identify the upper glue and remove it. It will not affect the subsequent Western Blot and other experiments. It can be used in combination with our G2003 and G2037 products.

Product name

Cat. No.


Polyacrylamide Gel (PAGE) Top Gel Yellow Dye (500×)


500 μL

Product Usage


1. Due to the special properties of the dye, there will be precipitation in the process of preservation, so please mix it upside down before use, then you can use it normally;

2. Take 1.0mm gel as an example, about 2 mL of upper gel solution is needed to prepare a single gel, which can be added and mixed according to the proportion of 2 μl of upper gel yellow dye (500×) in each 1 mL of upper gel solution;

3. Add the upper gel polymerization catalyst (such as ammonium persulfate or other ammonium persulfate substitute) and TEMED. After fully mixing, the upper gel solution can be injected between the glass plates by pipette or pipette, and inserted into the electrophoresis comb;

4. After the upper glue solidifies, remove the electrophoresis comb to carry out subsequent electrophoresis.


1. Dye can also be added after the addition of gel polymerization catalyst (such as ammonium persulfate or other ammonium persulfate substitute) and TEMED, and the top glue is directly poured after mixing.

2. Due to the frequent occurrence of multiple pieces of gel electrophoresis in parallel with different samples, the company also provides a variety of other colors of top gel dyes, including red, green and blue, to distinguish different samples from different gel electrophoresis.

3. Please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves during operation.

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