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G2011-100ML 100ml Ponceau S Stain for Protein Detection

Specification: 100ml
Usage: Rapid detection of protein.
Storage and Transportation: Store and transport at room temperature, validity for 12 months.
  • G2011-100ML
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Product Description


Ponceau S staining solution can be used for rapid detection of proteins on PVDF membrane, nitrocellulose membrane (NC membrane) and cellulose acetate membrane. The principle is that Ponceau S staining is negatively charged and can combine with positively charged amino acid residues. Meanwhile, Ponceau S staining can also combine with the non-polar region of the protein to form red bands. The protein staining is reversible and can be washed with distilled water, PBS or other appropriate solutions after staining.

The main ingredient of this product is 0.2% Ponceau S staining.

Product name

Cat. No.


Ponceau S Staining


100 mL

Product Usage

1. Immerse PVDF membrane, nitrocellulose membrane or cellulose acetate membrane in Ponceau S working solution, shake and stain for 3-5 min or longer till a clear band appeared.

2. Rinse the dyed film in distilled water for a few seconds, slightly remove the background color, until the background is light and the protein bands are clear.

3. Rinse with distilled water, PBS or other appropriate solutions for 2-3 times, 3-5min each time, remove Ponceau S, and conduct subsequent Western experiment.


1. Ponceau S staining solution can be recycled repeatedly.

2. Ponceau S staining solution is not suitable for protein staining detection on nylon film.

3. For your safety and health, please wear lab coat and disposable gloves for operation.

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